Pukara Estate Premium Olive Oil

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Enjoy a delicious First, Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil with soft aromas of green bananas, apples and grass on the nose. This is a distinctive, delicate oil with very low levels of bitterness and pungency.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from using regenerative farming methods, with carefully selected 100% Australian olives, which are cold-pressed on-site within hours to preserve their flavour and health properties.

Add it to salad dressings, drizzle over vegetables or dip freshly baked bread; perfect for making sauces and marinades or for high temperature cooking.

- Cold Pressed - Retains all nutrients, flavor & colour.
- High in Polyphenols.
- Rich in Vitamin E & K.
- No Preservatives or Artificial Flavors.

- Compliments the Mediterranean diet.
- Contains powerful antioxidants – protecting against free radicals.
- Enhances food’s flavor when dressing salads, dipping bread, or just adding a splash of extra flavor.


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