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Our Packaging is..

Made from plants, not fossil fuels

The Flexibility Of Plastic Packaging Film Has Never Been Matched… Until Now.
While the convenience that plastic provides is undeniable, conventional plastic film and packaging is often made from fossil fuels and manufactured in such a way that makes it impossible to reuse or recycle.

Our daily interaction with countless plastic products has led many retailers to believe that its performance, ease of use, and flexibility is unparalleled by any other material.

At Olivebox, we are challenging these beliefs, and prove that a viable alternative is not only possible – it already exists.

Rather than petrochemicals, our fully compostable product packaging materials are made of readily biodegradable cellulose derived from wood pulp, sourced exclusively from responsibly- managed plantations.

Our entire Pantry range meets global standards for home and industrial composting.
Home Composting
Closing the Loop


We are thrilled to be able to offer our Olivebox Send-Back program to now include our compostable packaging range.

With this program, you can send back your Olivebox compostable bags to us so that we can properly compost them for you if you can't compost them yourself.

How Does it Work?
When you are shopping our site, there is a product called Compostable Bag Return Mailer. When you add this product to your cart, we will send you a prepaid return envelope in your order which holds up ~35 used Olivebox Compostable bags / refills pouches.

Once you've filled your envelope with bags, simply pop it in any Royal Mail Postbox / Office. Once we get it back, we will properly compost the bags you sent back!

Want to learn more?
Read more about our Send-Back program (including FAQs) as well as learn about other ways to compost our bags on the product listing page. send-back bag listing page here