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The Solution is in the Soil


In our eyes, the future of our planet is inextricably linked to the future of agriculture.

Unfortunately, modern agricultural practices -fertilisers, pesticides, tilling, just to name a few - have been destroying our food and fibre systems, stripping carbon from the soil. And somewhat ironically, soil needs carbon to flourish.

If we switch from industrial agriculture to Regenerative Organic farming practices, which build healthy soil, we could turn agriculture from a problem into a solution. Because healthy soil traps significantly more carbon, Regenerative Organic agriculture could be the key to helping stop climate change.


Sadly, not everything can be recycled at home just yet. But don’t worry, because we’ve teamed up with recycling experts who can do it for us.

Here's what to do:
1. Add a send-back bag with your order or email us:

2. Make sure your pouches are empty and clean.

3. Pop the packs & lids into the bag (we'd suggest saving up a few and sending them in one go).

4. Pop in the post! The bag will come back to us & we will sort between packets for the compost or aluminum pouches to be re-melted back down.

This is currently only available for the UK.